Refit Preparation and Support

ISM and ISPS has encumbered the Yachts of today with a significant workload, making it difficult for yacht crew to devote the time and resources to adequately prepare the vessel for any maintenance period. Add to that the escalating costs associated with these Shipyard periods, it becomes increasingly important to insure that any specification is concise, that quotes are current and assured to be competitive with time out of service as limited as is possible.

To ease this burden we are happy to support you with as little as a second opinion on the vessels proposed maintenance period works, to preparation of a vessel specific refit specification, assistance with the management of Shipyard quotes and Shipyard selection, through to full management of the complete refit undertaking. We taper our service to your requirement.

Machinery Failure and Emergency Response

Machinery failure can not only be costly when it comes to repair but also in loss of charter clients or disappointment to Owners when the vessel is not available when required.

Our task would be to ascertain the problem, find its cause and the best possible long and/or short term solution, with the aim of getting the vessel back into operation as quickly as possible. Our Emergency Response approach accomplishes this while working closely with the vessels Captain, the Management and the Owner to insure that everyone’s expectations are realized.

Retention of Technical Services

YCTS is also happy to discuss the possibility of filling your technical shore support requirements, providing you with a point of contact to assist with questions and support when technical problems inevitably arise. This service may be of particular interest to Management Companies and vessel Captains who understand the value of a well informed second opinion and immediate response from a resource familiar with the vessel and it’s unique needs.
Custom Manufacturing
Sourcing and manufacturing of custom Yacht parts can be very time consuming and expensive. With our contacts we can manufacture replacement custom parts or new design concepts in a variety of materials with limited design information. This will allow vessels to repair bespoke equipment rather than perform costly replacements.